Founded in 2012 by Kara Wilson and Alison Gerardot (hence the highlighted A and K in the name), dAnce.Kontemporary will be performing pieces from their inaugural season “Cupcakes and Heartache.” This season represents the arc of a romantic relationship, from the sweet and sugary cupcake phase through…well….heartache, and everything in-between.

dAnce.Kontemporary is a professional dance company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which features original, contemporary and experimental dance works that communicate through movement by exploring the human condition. It is the goal of dAnce.Kontemporary to continue to encourage the involvement of all aspiring dancers in the community who desire a professional dance experience post high school graduation. Furthermore, it is the goal of the company to bridge the gap between the commercial and concert dance communities for a greater appreciation of both.

dAnce.Kontemporary is the Dance Guest Artist Resident of Wunderkammer Company, providing this local contemporary art gallery with all of its performance needs. DK is currently comprised of 14 local dancers and embraces all dance styles including but not limited to: jazz, contemporary, hip hop and performance art.

Check out their first full length show Saturday, February 9 at Wunderkammer Company.

Show times for this show:

JANUARY 31, 2013 - 7:30pm

FEBRUARY 3, 2013 - 4:30pm